Breeder/Puppy Referral

Public Education & Breeder Referral Policy

(As Amended by Board of Directors Through March 28, 2002)

I. Policy. The Golden Retriever Club of Central New York, Inc. (GRC-CNY) will maintain a public education program to inform the public about the breed and breeder selection criteria. A component of that program will be to refer the public to litters produced by GRC-CNY Member-Breeders who meet qualifying criteria as set forth below. To implement the program, GRC-CNY will appoint a Club member, who is not a breeder, to be the Puppy Referral Designee (PRD).

II. Member-Breeder and Puppy Referral Designee (PRD) - Qualifications & Responsibilities

A. The Member-Breeder will:

1. Be a member in good standing of: The American Kennel Club (AKC); The Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA), and abiding by the GRCA Code of Ethics; GRC-CNY, holding Individual or Household membership status.

2. Document to the PRD that the Sire and Dam of the litter of Golden Retriever puppies meet all of the following qualifying criteria by submitting appropriate material:

a) Sire and Dam both at least two (2) years of age at the time of breeding.

b) Hip Clearance - OFA Certificate with registration number (preliminary reports not acceptable) - or - PennHip report with a distraction index (DI) below the currently published median, done after six (6) months of age.

c) Eye Clearance - CERF Certificate or normal eye exam report from a board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist (ACVO), exam date within twelve (12) months of breeding date. Eye exam reports or CERF Certificates done when the Sire or Dam was eight (8) years of age or older will be acceptable for the remainder of that dog’s lifetime.

d) Cardiac Clearance - Documentation of an exam done when the dog was one (1) year of age or older by a board-certified veterinary cardiologist (ACVIM).

e) Elbow Clearance - A report from OFA, Institute for Genetic Disease Conrol in Animals, or written report from a board-certified veterinary radiologist (Diplomate ACVR).

3. Submit a $25 check, payable to GRC-CNY, for each litter for which referrals are desired. This fee will be earmarked by the Club treasurer to help defray expenses for public information newspaper advertising by GRC-CNY.

4. Not refer any inquiry to another breeder, locally or elsewhere, unless that other breeder is well known to the Member-Breeder, has demonstrated ethical breeding practices and will provide inquirers documentation relative to hip, eye and cardiac clearances consistent with section II.A.2.

5. Provide each puppy buyer printed/written copies of the above specified hip, eye and cardiac clearances, and a minimum three (3) generation pedigree.

6. Notify the PRD when all puppies in the referred litter are committed. Documentary material previously submitted to the PRD may be returned to the Member-Breeder or, by agreement between Member-Breeder and PRD, may be retained by the PRD for use with future litters with appropriate updating.

B. The Puppy Referral Designee (PRD) will:

1. Respond to all inquiries from prospective puppy buyers.

2. Understand and accept that as GRC-CNY’s PRD, personal contact information (PRD’s name, phone number, email address) will be made available to the general public via the AKC, GRCA and other GRCA member clubs.

3. Furnish to each inquirer, prior to making any litter referrals, the following printed materials:

a) Disclaimer advising inquirer that GRC-CNY has no liability in transactions between inquirers/buyers and breeders.

b) Available information that will contribute to the inquirer’s understanding of issues and/or criteria relevant to responsible canine ownership and care, breeder selection, the breed standard, etc.

4. Receive previously referenced documentation from Member-Breeders, and make referrals to specific litters, referencing each by names of the Sire and Dam.

5. Refer inquirers to every Member-Breeder with available litters, who have met criteria specified in section II.A.

6. Refer inquirers to PRD’s of other GRCA-member clubs only if there are no litters available among GRC-CNY Member-Breeders, or if an inquirer is from a region served by another club. The PRD shall not refer to a specific breeder out of the area unless owner of the Sire is a member of GRC-CNY and all conditions of section II.A. are met.

III. Questions, Appeals, Exceptions. Any question or appeal regarding interpretation or application of this policy, or request for any exception to this policy, must be submitted in writing to the GRC-CNY Board of Directors, through the Club’s secretary. The Board must consider any such issue within 21 days of receipt by the Club Secretary.



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